Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who needs another blog?

Who needs another blog? Well, I'm hoping you might.
In the autumn of 2009, I purchased a house. And, as homeowners (and human beings) know, it's always something. The furnace dies. Or the car needs new brakes. Maybe the cat gets sick. Then a plastic bottle gets trapped in the toilet. (By the way, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for that one.) And fixing these things isn't cheap.
Around the same time as I took the jump into homeonwership, I also started following money-saving, deal and coupon sites because life isn't cheap. There are lots of great, educational sites out there. But there seems to be a thread common to most of them: they are skewed toward moms and families. While I am in no way opposed to getting hitched or giving birth (well, maybe I'm personally against my giving birth), not all of us have or will. So, while many financial issues are fairly universal, others have a different twist when you're on your own.
So, I'll be sharing some of my adventures as a single woman and novice homeowner. I'll be talking about things like meal-planning, grocery shopping and cooking for one; saving money on clothing and accessories; frugal homemade gift ideas; socializing on a budget; making your own toiletries; and, how to save on pet care needs. I also plan to cover some general financial topics like making and sticking to a budget (which is admittedly not my strength). And, of course, whatever else I think might be useful or interesting. My hope is that you'll find some of it useful.


  1. LOVE IT SIS!!! Cannot wait for you to get all those wonderful creative ideas that you have out there to be shared with the cyberworld!!!

  2. Hi Carrie! Can't wait to get tips...j'adore saving money! Plus, you are the only person I know with a blog. Good luck!