Monday, February 21, 2011

Menu plan and shopping list for 2/21

Well, I am again endeavoring to get my shopping an meal-planning put together for two weeks at a time. Last night, I was looking for a particular recipe (which I never did find) and found a bunch of recipes I've been meaning to try, or had forgotten about. So the plan for the next two weeks is a little more exotic than it would normally be. Instead of "curried 'chicken' salad with blackberries", you'd normally see "spaghetti with jarred sauce."
Here are the meals I plan to have:
Here's the adventageous menu plan:

And the shopping list:
ð      8 oz firm tofu
ð      1/3  cup  crunchy peanut butter
ð      12 oz faux beef strips (??)

ð       Bertolli pasta sauce
ð       Seventh Generation dishsoap
ð      10 oz frozen peas
ð      10 oz frozen corn

ð       Baby spinach
ð       Scotties tissues
ð       Stonyfield yogurt cups
ð      2 bags frozen  broccoli florets

ð      Green onions
ð      1-1/2  cups  blackberries
ð      Parsley
ð      5-6 carrots
ð      3-4 potatoes
ð      Bananas
ð      mango
ð      1bag Quorn tenders
ð      1 can chickpeas
ð      3 cans 28 oz cans whole plum tomatoes in puree
ð      1/3  cup  light mayonnaise
ð      lemon juice
ð      1/4  cup  raisins
ð      Handful golden raisins
ð      1/2  cup  roasted salted cashews
ð      ¼ c sliced almonds

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