Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday's Tips

So, each Tuesday, I’ll be sharing 3 tips—to help you conserve time, money and/or resources.

For this week:
  • Tip #1: Use a potato to remove a broken lightbulb from its socket. Detailed instructions can be found here.
  • Tip #2: Wash and reuse plastic food storage bags. You can buy fancy drying racks, though I’ve also read that chopsticks in a glass will work. I use magnetic bag clips to hang them by their corners on the side of my refrigerator. By the way, if you cut off the zip or slider part, these CAN be recycled with your grocery bags.
  • Tip #3: Remember to weigh produce that’s pre-packaged by weight to get the most for your dollars. If you’re buying a three-pound bag of apples, weigh three or four different bags and pick the one that weighs the most. Generally, they weigh more than 3 pounds. But if one bag weighs 3.2 pounds and the other 3.7 pounds and are in all other ways equal, why not get the extra half pound for the same price?

Have a tip you’d like to share? Email me! I’d love to hear it.

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